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Macy-LuiMacy Lui
Assistant Project Manager

Macy serves as Assistant Project Manager and is responsible for project management, scheduling, directing, coordinating and supervising project related field operations to successful completion.  Macy joined McAlvain in 2006 and spent her first years with the company working in estimating.  In 2012, Macy was given Project Engineering duties on the Micron Bulk Ammonia Distribution Pad, Micron Parking Lot Expansion, and Bozeman Digester #3 projects along with misc work completed for ITD.  In 2014, Macy became an Assistant Project Manager and has assisted in the successful completion of Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) Superstructure and Site Concrete and the 2 Morco Office Expansion.  Macy is a Construction Management graduate from the University of New South Wales, Australia and holds a LEED® Green Associate certification through the US Green Building Council.

Question and Answer:

    1. How long have you been with McAlvain?  10 years
    2. How many years have you worked within the construction industry?  12 years
    3. What made you choose construction as a career?  I have always been fascinating with how building structures are constructed. Through construction, infrastructure is created to improve our quality of living. Also, this industry is evolving so quickly in terms of processes and new technology. There are always new things to learn.
    4. About yourself:  I was born and raised in Hong Kong with my younger sister and speak three spoken languages including English, Cantonese, and Mandarin Chinese.  When I turned 17, I moved to Australia to pursue my undergraduate degree and graduated in Building Construction Management from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. I then followed my family to the United States. My family still resides in San Francisco. I chose to explore the States and my first job led me to Idaho.
    5. What Hobbies do you like to do in your spare time? I like to travel, snowboard and knit.
    6. What project are you working on?  I am currently working on the site concrete package at the JUMP project downtown Boise. We are providing concrete paving and other miscellaneous concrete structures to complete a hardscape for the site. The concrete paving involves colored, exposed aggregate and sandblasted concrete. The structures we have constructed on site truly showcase the skill of our crews in regards to use of form work, level of difficulty and quality of work.
    7. Have there been specific challenges to the project and how were they overcome?  Constructing the grand Pioneer Staircase was extremely challenging.  The concrete radius staircase is a unique structure. From the complex form work, down to the concrete mix and architectural finish – there is no room for error and there are so many factors that can directly affect the final outcome. I had the support of an experienced concrete superintendent, project manager and project director who were very resourceful and provided valuable input into the construction of the staircase.
    8. What has been your most challenging project while working at McAlvain so far and how were those challenges overcome?  My first appointed design/build project in my newly assigned role as an assistant project manager was challenging. At the same time, we were facing early winter conditions which only added to the challenge. It was extremely helpful to have a superintendent experienced in the design/build delivery which helped to pull the project through. I learned a lot throughout the whole experience and in the end the owner was extremely happy how the project turned out.
    9. What do you enjoy about working at McAlvain or working in construction?  Everyone here at McAlvain is very supportive and sincere. They are my family here in Boise.
    10. Do you volunteer or participate in any community programs?  I have two small dogs, one of which is certified as a therapy dog. Once a month, my dog and I volunteer at local hospitals and nursing homes bringing happiness and cheer to patient’s young and old. (www.therapydogs.com)
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