Featured Employee

Walt McBrier, PEWalt - Orchard Interchange
VP/Project Director

Walt serves as Vice President & Project Director and is responsible for Team Leadership, Project Management/Project Engineer Training, and Team Support; overseeing the effective and efficient planning and managing of assigned projects to successful completion.  Walt has over 11 years within the construction industry and holds an Idaho Professional Engineer license and is a certified LEED Green Associate.

Question and Answer:

  1. How long have you been with McAlvain?  5 years
  2. How many years have you worked within the construction industry?  11 years
  3. What made you choose construction as a career?  Building has always been a passion of mine.  Coordinating and executing a well thought out plan and seeing it through to completion brings me a great sense of satisfaction.
  4. What is your specialty or passion within the construction industry?  My specialty is heavy civil concrete construction.  Whether it be bridges, buildings, dams, I really enjoy working on heavy civil projects.  Planning, executing and seeing a finished concrete structure is what I live for.  Concrete is just such a unique and versatile building material.  It has so many applications and is utilized on such a wide variety of projects.  I always find myself having to take a step back to soak in the enormity of some of the projects we have built.  It makes be really proud to be part of a company and team that is able to execute such complicated projects.
  5. About yourself:  Originally from SLC, UT.  Went to school at MSU-Bozeman.  I am married to a wonderful woman (Devin McGlynn) and have a gorgeous son of 18 months.
  6. What Hobbies do you like to do in your spare time?  Kayaking, Skiing and Mountain Biking.  Boise, what better of a place to both play and work!
  7. What project has been one of your favorite McAlvain projects you have worked on?  Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) – this multi-phased project with over 25,000 CY of concrete includes over 190,000 SF of underground parking garage including a three level PT deck with a reversing double helix parking ramp.
  8. Have there been specific challenges to the project and how were they overcome?  Building the reversing double helix concrete ramps at the JUMP project has by far been the biggest challenge of my concrete career.  The careful planning and execution of this portion of the work has been a highlight of my time here at McAlvain.  Only by working in close coordination with our superintendent and crew foreman have we successfully completed this unique work.
  9. What has been your most challenging project while working at McAlvain so far and how were those challenges overcome?  Building Phase 1 the Boise River Park was perhaps the most challenging project I have come across since I have worked here at McAlvain.  The challenge of building a dam within the Boise River was like nothing we have encountered.  Through the planning process we were able to divert the Boise River out of its banks to allow for construction crews to work unimpeded during the winter months.  Without this ability to divert the river, the costs and timeline of this project would have grown significantly.
  10. What do you enjoy about working at McAlvain or working in construction?  Here at McAlvain, our team atmosphere, joint problem solving skills and unique projects make working in the construction industry a joy.
  11. Have you received any awards within the construction industry?  Explain: While not an award, earning my Professional Engineer license in civil engineering has been a highlight of my career. This background in engineering is the foundation of my decision making and problem solving skill sets.

“Walt and the McAlvain team demonstrated unparalleled problem solving skills associated with the many challenges encountered on this complicated project.” – Wendy Larimore, City of Boise.

Highlighted Project Experience

  • I-84, Orchard Interchange
  • Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) Concrete
  • Boise River Whitewater Park
  • Chobani Yogurt Plant Concrete