With each project we manage, a strategic communication plan is developed and executed.  Effective communication with all team members helps generate creativity and provides cohesion and teamwork amongst our partners resulting in increased coordination, reduced errors and omissions that ultimately mitigates risks, reduced wasted efforts, increased response time  and Client saving.   Different project delivery methods may incorporate different communication channels; however, the timeliness and accuracy of that information should never change.  Our project management teams see the enormous benefit that comes from taking the time upfront to develop a strategic communications plan that is tailored to a specific project before construction begins.  Timely responses by our project teams are reinforced at every level and always at the forefront.   Specific to this process are formalized, documented meetings such as:

  • Weekly Pre-construction and Design Coordination meetings
  • Weekly Contractor/subcontractor/Design/Owner meetings
  • Monthly Owner Progress Reporting and Meetings
  • Pre-installation meetings/Quality Control Meetings
  • Closeout/Start-Up and Commissioning  meetings

Utilizing our own technological resources, our customized Project Management System (Viewpoint ) and our systematic document control system allows our project management and on-site supervision teams to effectively communicate and provide an accurate document trail for our projects, no matter where our clients and team members reside or the location of our projects.