Subcontractor Partnerships

Our company is driven by relationships and defined by the quality of work we provide to our clients.  To continuously delivery our project on a very high level and holding ourselves to the highest standards, the existing relationships we maintain with the subcontractors and suppliers we employ is critical.  With more than a Billion Dollars of work completed throughout our region of work, we employ a vast network of pre-qualified subcontractors that is coupled with tremendous buying power and trust maintained through successful partnerships.  We sustain an extensive list of pre-qualified subs that are qualified on an annual basis with a rigorous set of qualitative and quantitative measures including safety records, financial and bonding status, work force availability, training and licensing requirements to name just a few.   The trust we maintain with our key subcontractors is as vital to our business as the relationships we maintain with our clients.  By delivering our projects successfully, treating our subcontractors fairly, with the utmost respect and compensating them on time, we have earned the respect of the subcontracting community.