Benefits to Our Clients

  • Open Book Policy

    McAlvain is proud of the long-lasting relationships we’ve built with our customers.  Our approach to all of our construction services is centered on the needs of our clients.  One of the reasons we continue to enjoy a significant amount of repeat business is our “Open Book Policy”.  McAlvain provides it Owner’s full documentation for each pay application, full reporting and complete access to this information throughout the duration of our projects.  This completely transparent process incorporates detailed accounting and cost control reports with line item budgeting within a CSI format so that all costs reside by division.  We have built a solid track record of providing reliable cost estimates throughout the pre-construction process culminating in seamless negotiated pricing, regardless of the contracting method.  As always, to realize these objectives, we provide our project teams with the training, support, people and tools necessary to facilitate a successful outcome to any project.

  • Communication

    With each project we manage, a strategic communication plan is developed and executed.  Effective communication with all team members helps generate creativity and provides cohesion and teamwork amongst our partners resulting in increased coordination, reduced errors and omissions that ultimately mitigates risks, reduced wasted efforts, increased response time  and Client saving.   Different project delivery methods may incorporate different communication channels; however, the timeliness and accuracy of that information should never change.  Our project management teams see the enormous benefit that comes from taking the time upfront to develop a strategic communications plan that is tailored to a specific project before construction begins.  Timely responses by our project teams are reinforced at every level and always at the forefront.   Specific to this process are formalized, documented meetings such as:

      • Weekly Pre-construction and Design Coordination meetings
      • Weekly Contractor/subcontractor/Design/Owner meetings
      • Monthly Owner Progress Reporting and Meetings
      • Pre-installation meetings/Quality Control Meetings
      • Closeout/Start-Up and Commissioning  Meetings

    Utilizing our own technological resources, our customized Project Management System (Viewpoint ) and our systematic document control system allows our project management and on-site supervision teams to effectively communicate and provide an accurate document trail for our projects, no matter where our clients and team members reside or the location of our projects.

  • Team Work

    McAlvain’s culture has always been centered around the needs of our clients.  To realize all of our client’s unique goals and objectives associated with the projects we deliver, Teamwork is fostered at every level.   From the preconstruction and design phases to construction activities through start-up, commissioning and close-out, our project partners, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers are unified by us to realize these goals optimizing our client’s investment.  Providing each team member with the tools and guidance necessary to operate within the framework of a team work environment has been our template for success.

  • Technology

    It is critical that our project management teams and field supervision receive information instantaneously, no matter their location.  McAlvain embraces new technologies and employs this technology on a daily basis to service our clients throughout our regions of work.  From our ability to access our project documents and Project Management System (Viewpoint) remotely, to mobile devices and tablets that allow our employees access to critical project information, ensuring that our project teams can deliver our projects in the most efficient manner possible.  Projects are also routinely monitored through iBEAM Construction Cameras for instantaneous live updated video of our project sites and can be accessed by our clients anywhere they can utilize the internet. Live Web-based conferencing and large data file sharing and drawing coordination discussions are routinely administered by our project teams.  By investing in our future and embracing the latest proven technologies, we are able to collectively deliver our projects in the most cost effective and efficient manner within the shortest possible timeframes.

  • Quality

    McAlvain has built a reputation of exceeding client expectations in regards to quality, budget and schedule.  Our proven QA/QC program ensures that our projects are constructed per plans, specifications, and applicable codes while at the same time facilitating a high level of craftsmanship.  This program has been successfully utilized on numerous projects totaling nearly a billion of dollars of work-in-place and involving interaction with multiple subcontractors, city and state agencies, building departments, A/E’s and clients.  McAlvain takes great pride in our ability to fast-track our projects with extremely aggressive timelines based on our pre-planning efforts and execution of our unique preconstruction procedures.

  • Subcontractor Partnerships

    Our company is driven by relationships and defined by the quality of work we provide to our clients.  To continuously delivery our project on a very high level and holding ourselves to the highest standards, the existing relationships we maintain with the subcontractors and suppliers we employ is critical.  With more than a Billion Dollars of work completed throughout our region of work, we employ a vast network of pre-qualified subcontractors that is coupled with tremendous buying power and trust maintained through successful partnerships.  We sustain an extensive list of pre-qualified subs that are qualified on an annual basis with a rigorous set of qualitative and quantitative measures including safety records, financial and bonding status, work force availability, training and licensing requirements to name just a few.   The trust we maintain with our key subcontractors is as vital to our business as the relationships we maintain with our clients.  By delivering our projects successfully, treating our subcontractors fairly, with the utmost respect and compensating them on time, we have earned the respect of the subcontracting community.