Idaho’s Single Largest Highway Project

The Flying Wye is the single largest highway project in Idaho’s history.  McAlvain and Nelson Construction entered into a Joint Venture for stage one of the Flying Wye, replacing exits and merge lanes with a three-lane elevated flyover bridge heading east on I-84.  Stage one also involved widening the connector to three lanes in both directions and adding on-ramps and lanes to reduce congestion and improve safety.  More than 103,000 cubic yards of concrete was used in stage one with more than 330,000 cubic yards of earth excavated.

Grove Hotel

McAlvain and PCL entered into their 2nd Joint Venture to construct a 19 story multi-use 425,000 square foot concrete project.  The entire structure is predominantly post-tensioned cast in place concrete, with a structural steel component utilized for the long-span roof framing at the arena.  McAlvain has successfully completed 3 Joint Venture projects with PCL totaling more than $84,000,000 worth of work.

Micron Fab #15

The Micron Fab #15 project was the beginning of a relationship between Micron and McAlvain.  To this day McAlvain maintains a working relationship with Micron, and is honored to have built for them through their decades of success.

Grove Plaza

The once vacant dirt lot located in the heart of downtown Boise, ID was developed by McAlvain into a brick paved surface water fountain.  This project has been recognized by Boise City as one that spurred Boise’s downtown development.