Mission, Vision & Values

McAlvain Companies’ mission statement is more than just words on the wall; it is the actual pulse of our company and what keeps us going. The key to success in any industry is having the right employees who live by the company’s philosophy. For  three decades, McAlvain employees have lived our philosophy, values and exemplify the words of our mission statement through their actions.

Mission: Building Relationships through Quality, Integrity and Pride
Vision: Recognized and Respected for Excellence in the Construction Industry

McAlvain has always been committed to total client satisfaction.  Our team members believe the company and our projects are to be guided by its reputation of quality construction and fair value.  Five imperative values advance this reputation:  Unequaled Customer Service:  To be more responsive, provide higher quality, add more value and be more flexible towards our customers.  Employee Loyalty:  To understand everyone’s role in selecting, training, motivating, recognizing and respecting other employees that lead to employee retention, improved customer service and greater respect for one another.  Operating Excellence:  To create internal, error-free, fully efficient and stress-free procedures.  Innovation:  To create an attitude of continuous improvement that embraces new ideas, products, product improvement and progression.  Working with Teams, Partnerships and Alliances:  To work internally and externally in forming mutually successful relationships.

The importance of our clients trust in us.

Going above and beyond our clients expectations.

Our word is our bond.

Respecting the integrity of the construction industry.