Client Focus

McAlvain doesn’t only build remarkable structures.  We are proud of the long-lasting, quality relationships we have built with our customers throughout the last 39 years.  Periodically, We would like to showcase one of our many valued customers highlighting the services they provide and how they contribute to the communities they serve.

McAlvain Construction, Inc. recently completed CM/GC Services for Mountain Humane’s new animal welfare campus in Hailey, Idaho.  The 20 acre campus recently celebrated its Grand Opening!  The new campus includes a new animal shelter, veterinary clinic and educational facility.

Mountain Humane is a place where humans and animals connect. Where the special connection between people and pets is honored and celebrated.  Where people can find their new best friends and animals can find that place to call “home”.  After more than 35 years of hard use, the current facility Mountain Humane uses is simply no longer workable. It’s worn out, overcrowded, stressfully noisy, poorly ventilated, vulnerable to disease, fire and mudslides, and no longer reflects today’s best practices.  Mountain Humane is excited to be working with McAlvain to build a new facility; a place where compassion and empathy are grown, connection is fostered, and community is built. A place that draws visitors from all over to our beautiful mountain town, driving more economic vitality to the area while saving more animals’ lives than ever before.

A new facility will not only allow for more adoptions, more humane care and housing, and better medical facilities; it will bring more people together, provide opportunities for the community to be engaged, and allow us to help other shelters in the region that struggle with overcrowding.

“This project is vital to the future of our organization. A project of this magnitude requires a builder who has the technical experience and knowledge to build a complex facility that is much like a hospital, but with the increased demands of needing to withstand some seriously destructive (but adorable) residents. We are delighted to be working with the professionals of McAlvain who will help us make this vision a reality for our community.”  Jo-Anne Dixon, Executive Director of Mountain Humane.

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