Services We Deliver

Delivery Methods

  • General Contracting

    General Contracting is most commonly described as the “traditional” method of project delivery within the construction industry.  In most cases, it involves competitive bidding by general contractors resulting in a lump sum contract.  McAlvain thrives on this competitive process and is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest value and quality possible.  Our team of construction professionals have the knowledge and relative experience to guarantee success in all aspects of your project.   We have established a consistent track record of delivering our projects on time and within budget without compromise to safety, quality and efficiency.  Through effective planning, consistent communication and superior execution we are able to tackle any complex project.

  • CM/GC

    Our clients select McAlvain Construction, Inc., to collaborate with their design team and promote effective early project coordination and communication, creating an environment for success.  During this preconstruction phase, our experienced team works with the architects and engineers to analyze and select materials, systems, and equipment based on cost, benefits, and availability.  This results in quality enhancements, increased serviceability and system life cycle improvements.  We are able to balance the schedule, costs, quality, and scope of the project into a single design concept maximizing our client’s investment.  This effort culminates in a Guaranteed Maximum Price utilizing our “Open Book Policy” and proven procurement strategies.  Early and accurate conceptual estimates that are updated continuously as the design progresses provides our client’s with the confidence that the GMP will fall within their budget expectations.  Our well executed preconstruction procedures provide for a seamless transition into construction.  We can operate under a multitude of contract types and fee structures, (i.e. cost plus, guaranteed maximum price, fixed or percentage fee ) to meet the constraints of each unique project.

    • Contractor Represents the Owner during Preconstruction
    • Selection can be based on qualifications, experience and team based contractor
    • Balances excellent owner advocacy with risk assumption by the CM
    • Contractor provides design phase assistance in budget and planning
    • Speeds overall project delivery
    • Continuous budget control possible
    • Owner and Contractor quality screening of subcontractors
    • Teamwork between design firm and Contractor
    • Reduction in change orders
    • Possible Owner shared savings
  • Construction Management

    As your trusted advocate we are the final authority in the Construction Management (CM) delivery method. This procurement is typically used by public sector clients who must adhere to regulations and fulfill specific and layered requirements.  McAlvain has successfully completed projects under this delivery method in both the public and private sectors allowing us to gain experience and an understanding of how best to represent our clients by utilizing our construction management expertise.  Our clients are responsible for procuring and holding all trade contracts for the construction phase, which we can coordinate as the CM.  During the preconstruction phase McAlvain, as the client’s expert consultant, will provide critical input to the design team regarding cost estimates, scheduling, constructability, value engineering and general technical assistance.

    • Provides design and construction expertise without conflict of interest
    • Improved schedule delivery options allowing fast project delivery
    • Qualification-based CM selection
    • Early budget input/control
    • Maximum advocacy for Owner
  • Design/Build

    Many of our Owners are recognizing the advantages of bypassing traditional construction delivery methods and choosing McAlvain’s unique approach to the Design/Build Delivery process.  McAlvain Design Build’s comprehensive design and construction services and proven project execution procedures provides our clients with a single source of contact to deliver their projects.  Our team’s combined expertise in a multitude of differing market segments brings cohesion to the design-build team allowing projects to be completed in shorter time frames and in the most cost-effective manner possible.  We routinely are able to start construction before the total design is complete by phasing early design packages, saving months off of traditional project delivery schedules.  Early involvement by all project team members, including architects and engineers, maximizes the potential for benefit during the preconstruction phase.  This reduces conflict and changes and increases coordination allowing for a seamless transition into the construction phase of the project.  A few of our project successes utilizing the design-build model are highlighted below.

Preconstruction Services

  • Value Engineering

    Based on historical cost data and extensive similar experience, our project teams will provide value engineering and recommendations focused on enhancing the project value in the feasibility of construction methods, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurement and installation of materials, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and process systems and equipment, and other factors related to the overall project costs.  We work closely with the project design team and our clients to explore alternative designs, engineered systems or materials in order to attain the goal of providing the lowest possible cost without sacrificing level of quality.  Because of our integrated pre-construction systems and our ability to conceptually estimate as drawings are developed, our process of value engineering is nearly invisible and parallels the path of the design process.

  • Estimating

    Our unique process allows the project team to constantly monitor and verify budgets as the project proceeds towards the construction phase, continuously striving to maximize our clients return on their investment.  We utilize Bid-Day and Destini estimating software customized with information that has been continuously updated for more than 30 years.  Our work breakdown structure and formats for these estimates are consistent and integrates seamlessly into our project management tools, cost and accounting software.  We produce hundreds of millions of dollars of cost estimates each year and maintains a database of market costs throughout our regions of work to draw upon for each independent estimate.  Our ability to produce early, reliable and accurate estimates to facilitate the pre-construction process is one of our trademarks.

  • Constructability

    Minimizing potential problems during the construction phase through preconstruction constructability reviews is a primary goal.  While performing these reviews we aim to:

      • Reduce the overall potential for change orders, conflicts and claims during the construction phase.  Early identification of issues and resolving them during the design phase leads to significant economic benefits to our clients
      • Avoid delays and impacts due to coordination issues, lack of details or inaccurate information to streamline the construction schedule.  All of these problems can significantly slow progress and negatively impact key milestone events and move in dates
  • Project Controls

    McAlvain’s ability to predict the outcome and improve the overall project performance is, in no small part, based on the experience of our project teams and our project control systems.  Our cost control management system, planning and scheduling practices, change management approach and processes are the cornerstones of our project controls tools.

    • Our Cost Control Management monitors, predicts, estimates and reports project costs
    • Our Scheduling System plans project activities, monitors completion of those activities and deviations, predicts timing of future activities and reports schedule status
    • Our Change Management Process estimates the impact of changes, enables and documents the change decision and integrates the change into the project scope and contract documents
  • Reliable Budgets

    The most important cost estimate that can be provided during the pre-construction services portion of a project is often the first one.  Project budgets can be difficult to establish during the pre-design phase based on a lot of variables.  McAlvain’s history of providing accurate early conceptual estimates provides the framework upon which reliable decisions can be made to maximize the client’s investment and interests.  Several key factors that are evaluated as part of this process include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: Project scope, site work, schedule, quality and performance standards, preconstruction costs, owener furnished equipment and materials and contingencies.

  • Schedule

    McAlvain’s unique team approach to scheduling, results in projects being delivered within the earliest possible time frames.  Developed in Primavera Contractor scheduling software, our project master schedule serves as the primary method of coordinating and communicating the means and methods, sequencing and timing of our project plan and progress of our work to our Clients.  Schedule development by our key field supervision in tandem with our project management teams ensures that all key team members are invested and accountable to the project timeline, sequence, productivity and milestones.   We take great pride in our ability to complete all of our projects within extremely aggressive timelines based on our pre-planning efforts and execution of our unique pre-construction procedures.  These efforts, along with the experience and capabilities of our project management and superintendent teams, enables us to predict and plan for successful project outcomes.