Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC)

CMGCOur clients select McAlvain Construction, Inc., (MCI) to collaborate with their design team and promote effective early project coordination and communication, creating an environment for success.  During this preconstruction phase, our experienced team works with the architects and engineers to analyze and select materials, systems, and equipment based on cost, benefits, and availability.  This results in quality enhancements, increased serviceability and system life cycle improvements.  We are able to balance the schedule, costs, quality, and scope of the project into a single design concept maximizing our client’s investment.  This effort culminates in a Guaranteed Maximum Price utilizing our “Open Book Policy” and proven procurement strategies.  Early and accurate conceptual estimates that are updated continuously as the design progresses provides our client’s with the confidence that the GMP will fall within their budget expectations.  Our well executed preconstruction procedures provide for a seamless transition into construction.  We can operate under a multitude of contract types and fee structures, (i.e. cost plus, guaranteed maximum price, fixed or percentage fee ) to meet the constraints of each unique project.  A few of our project successes utilizing the CM/GC model are highlighted below.


  • Contractor represents the Owner during preconstruction.
  • Selection can be based upon qualifications, experience, and team based contractor.
  • Balances excellent owner advocacy with risk assumption by the CM.
  • Contractor provides design phase assistance in budget and planning.
  • Speeds overall project delivery.
  • Continuous budget control possible.
  • Owner and Contractor quality screening of subcontractors.
  • Teamwork between design firm and Contractor.
  • Reduction in change orders.
  • Possible Owner shared savings.

Selected CM/GC Project Experience