Minimizing potential problems during the construction phase of our projects is our primary goal during our Constructability Reviews.  The primary goals of the McAlvain Project Teams while performing these reviews during the pre-construction phase of our projects is to:

  • Reduce the overall potential for change orders, conflicts and claims during the construction phase.  Early identification of issues and resolving them during the design phase leads to significant economic benefits to our clients.
  • Avoid delays and impacts due to coordination issues, lack of details or inaccurate information to streamline the construction schedule.  All of these problems can significantly slow progress and negatively impact key milestone events and move in dates.
Our reviews are structured to cover all aspects of construction related to our projects including but necessarily limited to the following:
  • Inconsistencies between plans and specifications
  • Limitations of access for work to be conducted
  • Compatibility of materials/material selection and availability
  • Safety considerations
  • Coordination of trades
  • Sequencing, timelines and project scheduling
  • Efficiency of operations and functionality