Reliable Budgets

The most important cost estimate that can be provided during the pre-construction services portion of a project is often the first one.  Project budgets can be difficult to establish during the pre-design phase based on a lot of variables.  McAlvain’s history of providing accurate early conceptual estimates provides the framework upon which reliable decisions can be made to maximize the client’s investment and interests.  Several key factors that are evaluated as part of this process include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Project Scope:  The gross built area, volume, location and citing of the project, together with the occupancy type and number of occupants, sets accurate identification of the function space and system requirements for early quantity evaluations.
  • Site Work:  Developing the site and accommodating utilities and infrastructure costs.  Soft costs including utility and jurisdictional impact fees are also evaluated.
  • Schedule:  Establishing an early accurate project timeline in concert with the budgeting process.  The overall schedule will affect costs due to market conditions, escalation factors and project general conditions.
  • Quality and Performance Standards: Identifying and clarifying building systems and materials early in the process.  Lack of coordination and communication that relates to material and system selection most often leads to scope and budget creep as the design progresses.  Our assumptions and clarifications by building division communicates this to the project team early in the design process.
  • Pre-construction Costs:  Identifying accurate design and engineering fees, permit fees and other soft costs are critical to maintaining the goals with respect to the project budget.
  • Owner Furnished Equipment and Materials:  Identifying a realistic budget for OFE coordination and installation is a high priority for our project estimating teams.
  • Contingencies:  Developing realistic allowances for project contingencies or unexpected costs is applied to each project based on our experience and specific difficulty factors.