Value Engineering

Value engineering and value analysis studies are essential components of McAlvain’s extensive slate of pre-construction Services.  Our ability to influence project costs is optimized during the pre-construction phase of our projects where our goals are always focused on enhancing the project value.  Based on historical cost data and extensive similar experience, our project teams will provide value engineering and recommendations on the feasibility of construction methods, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurement and installation of materials, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and process systems and equipment, and other factors related to the overall project costs.  We work closely with the project design team and our clients to explore alternative designs, engineered systems or materials in order to attain the goal of providing the lowest possible cost without sacrificing level of quality.  Because of our integrated pre-construction systems and our ability to conceptually estimate as drawings are developed, our process of value engineering is nearly invisible and parallels the path of the design process.