Chobani Wastewater Pretreatment Facility 3Throughout our regions of work, McAlvain has built an impressive reputation for delivering high-quality projects and responsive services to the clients we serve. Our commitment to quality is more than just a central focus to our operations, it is part of our core values.  Our effective and efficient quality processes, procedures and practices are continuously refined and support constant evolution within the ever changing needs of our market segments.  This practice continues throughout our warranty period.

Our proven five-part, QA/QC program was developed to ensure that the project will be constructed per contract plans, specifications, and applicable codes, identifies quality problems, initatiates actions which results in solutions and verifies the implementation of solutions to those problems.  Our construction teams and self-performing crews provide superior value and quality work products, facilitate a high level of craftsmanship and services on time, the first time.

Our teams prepare Project Quality Control Plans to a level of detail consistent with the size, complexity, safety significance and risk criteria of the various project phases and task scopes of work.

Throughout McAlvain, our work is supported by a strong culture of quality that emphasizes the value of individual commitment and group success.  Our commitment to quality is more than just an important part of our core values, it’s good business.

The Project QA/QC Plan will include the following elements as applicable:
  • Organization
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Procurement Control
  • Construction Control
  • Commissioning Control
  • Instructions, Procedures and Drawings
  • Document/Records Control
  • Inspection/Testing
  • Preparatory Inspection
  • Initial Inspection
  • Follow-Up Inspections
  • Completion Inspection